Irrigation Garden Services

Professional Irrigation Services in Oxfordshire

Are you fed up of watering the garden with the garden hose? Are your plants getting enough water, or too much? Here at Irrigation Garden Services in Oxfordshire, we are specialists in the design, supply and installation of high quality garden watering systems that benefit you and your home. Our services are available to all customers in the M25 catchment area including Gloucester and Worcester.

Our irrigation services are designed to irrigate specific areas of your garden, which reduces the amount of water wasted on areas that don't need it. Garden sprinkler systems can be set on a timer so that they only come on at night, which is the most economical time to water your garden. Alternatively, we can install a rain harvesting system with a rain sensor so that it shuts off when it collects enough water.

With nearly two decades of experience in our industry, we are experts in everything related to garden irrigation services. This is illustrated by our ability to create your bespoke automatic watering system from design to completion at our base in Oxfordshire.

Our goal is to create garden sprinkler systems that are efficient, cost-effective and time-saving. We offer free estimates, advice and highly competitive prices to all customers in Oxfordshire and the M25 catchment area.

Automatic systems allow you to water your garden without lifting a finger! Among the many garden watering systems we provide are the pop-up, drip irrigation, micro sprinkler, borehole and rain harvesting variants. If you would like to know more about which may be suitable for your purposes, please get in touch.

Reasons to Choose Irrigation Services (Oxfordshire):

If you live in Oxfordshire or anywhere in the M25 catchment area and require specialist garden watering systems, please call the experts at Irrigation Services on 01993 775 134 or 07860 469 951 now!